When you are purchasing heating oil in Kent, it is important that you pay attention to the type of fuel that you are ordering. If you order the incorrect fuel then you could up doing untold damage to your heating system. Thankfully attempting to decipher the type of fuel that you need is not going to be all that difficult.

It is worth noting that Kerosene is the most popular type of heating oil in the United Kingdom. It is very rare that gas oil will be used in heating systems in this country. It does happen; but gas oil tends to be something that is a bit more popular on the continent.

One of the main ways in which you can tell which heating oil kent you need to purchase will be to take a little look at the name of the heating oil that you are using right now. It will most likely not be referred to as either Kerosene or Gas Oil.

Kerosene can be found under the following names:

  • Kero
  • Boiler Juice
  • Kerosene
  • Domestic Heating Oil
  • 28 Sec Kerosene
  • 28 Sec Kero
  • 28 Sec Heating Oil
  • Heating Oil

Gas Oil can be found under the following names:

  • Gas Oil
  • Red Diesel
  • Ultra Low Gas Oil
  • Gas Oil 35 Sec
  • Industrial Heating Oil
  • Home Heating Oil
  • Domestic Heating Oil

If you can’t work out which oil you require based upon the name then you may wish to do a bit more investigation. Perhaps the simplest way beyond this will be to take a look inside of your tank. If you still have oil in there then telling the difference should be quite easy. Gas oil is red (hence it being commonly referred to a ‘Red Diesel’. It will also smell which is very deep and can be quite overpowering. The scene of gas oil is very much akin to Diesel. If you have ever smelled diesel then you will know what gas oil is straight away. Kerosene on the other hand does not have much of a scent. It is very light in the way that it does smell and it is certainly not overpowering. If you have any in the tank then you will be easily to tell that it is Kerosene if it is has a yellow, almost straw-like, colour to it.

Remember; it is important that you do order the right heating oil in Kent. If after a bit of investigation you are still unsure as to what fuel you need then you absolutely must ask your fuel supplier. If you end up putting the wrong fuel into your system then you will need to purchase a new one. You should not take a risk based upon a guess.

Smoothies are a great tool for losing weight and staying healthy in general. With the right ingredients, they can replace your meal and fill your body with important nutrients. Using just a smoothie blender and a few inexpensive ingredients, taking only minutes to make, smoothies can become a part of your daily diet and help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Plus, not only are they nutritious and low in calories, they taste great too.

Lose Weight

Instead of eating bread for your breakfast and lunch, a smoothie can fill you up with just one glass, and is full of healthy ingredients. As long as you balance the ingredients to contain enough protein, nutrients, vitamins and healthy carbohydrates and fats, a smoothie can become part of your daily diet. As well as filling you up for hours, making you eat less, a smoothie will boost your energy levels making regular exercise much easier.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a smoothie will hydrate the body, unlike many other drinks, as well as filling you will vitamins, nutrients and even calcium which strengthen bones. Not only do you get energy, your mood will also improve.

Boost the Immune System

Smoothies, especially green smoothies, are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that improve the immune system and prevent you getting sick.

Instead of taking dietary supplements and multivitamin capsules, smoothies are a better and healthier way of getting all the nutrients your body needs. They are cheap and easy to make, taste delicious and are the best choice for breakfast, lunch or snack. Experiment with different fruits and vegetables, or look online for a recipe that suits you.





Gas oil Kent is just one of the many specialty oil and grease products that New Era supplies their customers. Gas oil is one of the several heavy oils that can be manufactured by the fractional distillation of petroleum. When this product is used as a source of heating, it is known as gas oil. When this product is used in a plant or automotive application it is known as diesel fuel. This diesel fuel can then be further defined as “Red” or “White.”

Red diesel contains a dye that allows inspectors to easily identify it. Taxes are lower on red diesel, but it cannot be used on on-road vehicles. Red diesel can be used in other types of vehicles, such as tractors and mowers, as well as a diverse range of plant equipment. The red diesel supplied by New Era is in compliance with British Standard BS 2869:2010 and contains up to 7% of biodiesel by volume and 10ppm or less sulpher content. Since the red diesel supplied by New Era meets these high, exacting standards, ordering Gas oil Kent from New Era reduces emissions and helps everyone to use less non-renewable fuel sources.

At the time of writing there is no government duty to pay on home heating oil Kent if you purchase Kerosene. You will need to pay a rate of 9.96 pence per litre if you purchase Gas Oil to heat your home however. It is unlikely that either of these figures will change for the foreseeable future.

You will need to pay VAT on any home heating oil that you have delivered however. These are the current VAT rates for the two types of heating oil used in the home.

  • For Kerosene you will need to pay VAT at a rate of 5%. You will be able to qualify for this VAT Rate providing your delivery is less than 2,300 litres at a time. At this point the VAT rate will return to the standard rate in the United Kingdom (currently set at 20%). That being said though; you can apply for an exemption form the higher VAT rate in certain situations. It is advised that you talk to the company carry out the delivery to provide you with advice on how to do so. Many homeowners will find that they are able to qualify for the lower VAT rate even upon deliveries totalling more than 2,300 litres at a time.
  • For Gas Oil deliveries the VAT rate is very much the same. This means you will be able to enjoy 5% on deliveries of up to 2,300 litres at a time. After this the rate will be reset to 20%. You can apply for an exemption in certain situations.


Bi-fold patio doors happen to be an ideal choice as compared to the French or sliding patio door since they help to transform an existing space to literally open up to the outside area. The bi folding patio doors are now a rage and are most sought after choice of door style while building new homes. They also act as a good option for home extensions and prove popular while upgrading a conservatory area to your homes because of their ability to merge the newly designed conservatory to the garden area seamlessly and hence effectively bringing nature into the home.

patio1Bi-folding patio door is also known as sliding-folding, concertina or accordion door. The bi-folding door panels are hinged at the side together due to which they display folding action when you slide these doors to the side or to the sides of its opening. This implies that, unlike the French door or flat paneled sliding patio door, a gap of several meters may be opened up as you wish which gives a feeling of removing an entire wall instantly. Since the bi-folding doors fold outwards, they allow for unrestricted views and access allowing the natural sunlight to enter the inner area of your property.

Strengths of Bi-folding Patio Doors

The bi-fold patio doors offer several benefits like fully retractable doors, with doors being available in a variety of materials such as timber, aluminum or UPVC frames. These doors can open around 10 meter wide. They are give value addition to your home and are available in a variety of finishes and over 400 RAL colors for aluminum frames which will enhance your home. The bi-fold patio door also has 40 opening choices, is regulated and well tested product. The bi folding door can be considerably glazed. This prevents heat of your house from escaping and lessens your energy bill by reducing carbon footprint.

The bi-folding doors also provide good security to your house. They have a pair of strong aluminum frame that can be locked at the bottom as well as top by the turn of a key placed at the centre of its vertical frame. Additional security is offered since no keyhole is present on the outer side of bi-folding patio doors. A good locking mechanism is used to protect against entry by means of crow bars, drills, and other such methods used by thieves and burglars. You can check the design standard and see if it is recognized by insurance firms.

The bi-folding patio doors are available in a variety of choices in terms of engineered timber such as hardwood or softwood like European Oak or Meranti. They are generally laminated or engineered so as to ensure that they are structurally tolerant to twisting or warping. These doors are also usually available in either factory finished translucent stains or RAL colored paint finish. You can also avail aluminum bi-folding doors that are manufactured using strong, durable thermally tested aluminum profile which are specifically designed for this purpose. The latest entrant PVC-u or plastic bi-folding sliding door is also much sought after option.

Enrich the living space with live in appeal. Most of us don’t consider interior design to be all that essential. People are in a perception that designing interiors is applicable for high budget living spaces, but we tend to avoid seeing that in our day to day life we actually give importance to interior design. And as a part of interest, we add and subtract things at our place to create the living place a better place no matter how small the living place is.
interior12One can follow basic design rules and tricks to turn your living space as a favorite place.

Tips for interiors design

Budget: Set a budget and stick to it no matter if it is a small budget or high budget. In many cases you many end up decorating your place with zero investment just by utilizing the available resource but this time in a better way. Don’t buy stuff just to fill the empty space.

Theme: Best way to make certain decorative room is work within a theme. It is not essential to renovate your room by replacing things with new. Understand your need; brainstorm the possibilities of reutilizing the available resource to match your theme. This was you can switch your room themes, which gives you feel good factor.

Ideas: Arrive at vision before you redecorate your place. This way, you can avoid wrong steps before nailing through theme or paint. If require go for mock work, try placing available resource like fabrics, cushions, exchanging the places of furniture etc. After all, such changes make big difference.

Try to use what you have: It is always suggested to do little scouting work around your place before spending money on buying new things. List down the available resources and try to figure out the best utilization of them, because whatever we have at our place was bought by us with lots of love and interest.

Choosing Color: Generally few people opt multiple colors and few restrict to less colors. Basically we have three schemes of colors like base which is neutral, contrast mostly dark shades and accent which adds punch and pulls everything together. Experts always suggest being thorough while choosing color.

Lighting: You can turn on the mood by turning down dimmer switch. Just by adding colors, changing the furniture will not add value to your efforts in redecorating your place. Check how you can make your place better and effective at evenings with the help of lights. Change the place, colors of lights, as this will boost your decoration.
Wall décor: In today’s market, you get to see many wall deco coatings, stickers at affordable price. You can dedicate a corner for your loved ones, just by adding wall décor theme and make your moment special. It is easy to install and such little changes work wonders.

 interior14Above tips are worth to try. Apart from the given tips, we can also plan manageable indoor and outdoor plants as these green plants gives us positive energy and helps us being clam, healthy and happy. You can bring up plants with the available seeds in kitchen. Understanding and implementing such minor changes helps you in renovating your place at low cost.

Owning a home is a dream of every individual, but we should remember that home requires maintenance and care to keep your home look great. To maintain your home you should set certain interior and outdoor home maintenance regular schedules. You can set weekly, monthly, quarterly and seasonal maintenance activities in order to beautify your home and garden.

outdoor2We all love our homes interiors but there is a lot of outdoor home living and opportunity to discover. However, this is possible only when you keep the outdoors of your home clean.

Outdoor home maintenance tips:

• Evaluate and change HVAC filters often. Changing air conditioner and other required filters will save money on energy and will extend the life of the goods.

• Avoid leaving dust bins outside. Leaving dust bin outside the home without cleaning leaves your place stink. Such practices will also contribute health issues to the family members.

• Do a walk around your house and inspect the outside for any alarming changes.

• Check the drips and other plumbing fixtures to identify any leakages.

• Cut plants crossing or laying on energy poles to avoid accidents. Always trims your trees and remove dead leaves or branches as it may create messy in your lawn or corridors.

• Maintain the gutters outside your house and remove all debris so that water can properly drain.

• Check your roofs to prevent emergency and expensive repairs.
• Maintain staircase and repair broken steps to prevent falls and injuries.

• Check for waterproofing around doors, roofs, windows for any leakages or cracks.

• Test sump pumps to ensure they are working properly.

• Recruit third party service for your common areas maintenance to ensure tidiness even in common areas.

outdoor4Do you have a outdoor home garden?

A home garden is your own private paradise along with being an area of self expression. A garden can be made unique and creative to provide that stress free environment that one needs after a long days work or to spend a fun filled family evening.

• One way to keep the garden green is to do the occasional de weeding of the garden. Regular mowing of the grass and ensuring a process grass length will also keep the garden healthy and beautiful.

• Also avoiding unnecessary watering of the plants will guarantee the life and well being of the plants.

• Make a fruits and vegetable kitchen garden to derive the best health from your garden as well.

Benefit of maintenance

A preventive maintenance step will save your money and time, prevents from costly damages from occurring, which in return raises your property value significantly.

Maintaining your home will not only save money but also increases the longevity of appliances and existing structures. These tips may merely scratch the surface of things you can do around, but if you start and continue focusing on things need your attention to make your living place better and live-in place you can do wonders to your house within no time.